Who are we?

Fresh Start Events

FSE are one of the UK’s leading organisers of business expo’s, tradeshows and business related conferences. We have been delivering events all over the UK since 2011 and have established leading trade shows in Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Sheffield, Derby and Huddersfield.
All of our events are unique offering small, medium and large businesses a chance to exhibit, speak or just attend a show once every six months and in doing so network and develop strong brand awareness amongst all attendees. We don’t operate on a membership fee basis which allows us to attract delegates to attend our shows from a very varied audience.

Meet the Fresh Start Events team …

[luv_team overlay=”hover-overlay” image=”4532″ name=”Marc” position=”The Boss” facebook=”http://facebook.com” linkedin=”http://linkedin.com” twitter=”http://twitter.com”]or should that be The Bossy One?[/luv_team]
[luv_team overlay=”hover-overlay” image=”4531″ name=”Lorraine” position=”The Brains” facebook=”http://facebook.com” linkedin=”http://linkedin.com” twitter=”http://twitter.com” googleplus=”http://google.com”]Keeps Marc in his place and has a tight grip on the purse strings.[/luv_team]
[luv_team overlay=”hover-overlay” image=”4881″ name=”Simona” position=”The Creative One” facebook=”http://facebook.com” linkedin=”http://linkedin.com”]Great at drawing pictures and colouring in.[/luv_team]
[luv_team overlay=”hover-overlay” image=”4533″ name=”Chris” position=”Technical Whizz” facebook=”http://facebook.com” linkedin=”http://linkedin.com”]Thinks he knows stuff and is picky over fine details.[/luv_team]

Our events …