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So why attend an FSE trade show?

The buzz word through the 00’s is networking and for some it forms a key part of their marketing strategy. However, networking regularly takes time something that is often in short supply in business. Attending business shows allows you to network in one go with hundreds of other exhibitors, delegates, speakers and generally people like yourself that are looking to network and create connections, the difference is you can do it quickly in a relatively short space of time.

Here are a few reasons why booking your ticket to an FSE show can help your business.

Our tradeshow events are FREE to attend as a delegate

The chance to meet and network with exhibitors who in turn could become suppliers or even customers.

Exhibitors are there to promote themselves and their details are freely available via the interactive floor plan that every FSE event has on its event site.

Similar opportunities await with delegates who like the exhibitors could become suppliers, customers, partners or even referrers. The challenge with delegates is ‘how do you know who they are and if meeting them would be useful’. To eliminate this problem every FSE trade show event uses an event app in conjunction with our American partners Whova where every delegate has access to all other delegates prior to event day. The app is very simple to use and shows all registered delegates, their info, social media details and often an image taken from their Facebook feed. The app allows you to say hi and introduce yourself prior to the show thus arranging a meet or mutual connections.

Most of our shows attract in excess of 600 delegates and exhibitors – all of who are accessible in the app prior, during and after the show.
All of our trade-shows feature a line-up of seminars that are relevant to us all in business.
Popular topics include,

Off to a flying start at the North East Festive Fayre come down and see all of our amazing traders @ Rainton Arena
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Less then 24 hours to go till the doors open to book your FREE ticket go to @ Newcastle Falcons Rugby Club
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Not long now until the Doors open for the North East Expo @NEEChamber to book your ticket go to
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@NEEChamber: In partnership with @Freshstartevent, we will be hosting our maximise your membership event at the north east expo. You will have the opportunity to meet key members of our team to ensure you are making the most of your membership. Register here:
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Two weeks and counting until North East Expo & Chamber Showcase@NE Expo opens to book your ticket go to @ Newcastle Falcons Rugby Club
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  • Marketing

  • Social media

  • Sales

  • Leadership

  • Communication skills

  • Business issues

These seminars feature industry experts in their field sharing advice and best practice on their specialist subjects.
The seminars are completely FREE to access as a delegate and can be a game changer if applied correctly. Booking the presenters individually to come to your business and share their knowledge would cost you hundreds if not thousands of pounds, attending a couple of seminars at a show costing you nothing but your time is worth the investment of turning up in the first place.

Meeting exhibitors at a show in a none sales type environment is a great way to build a supplier network. Spending 10 to 15 minutes with an exhibitor on their stand can help you determine if they are the right fit for you as a supplier.

And if you still need a reason to attend, how about just to catch up with old contacts, friends or business acquaintances that you haven’t seen for a long time.

Most events we stage have free parking, easy transport links and on-site cash catering so you can make a day of it.

It doesn’t matter what part of the business community or industry sector, we welcome everyone from business owners and managers to team members from all categories of business.

Attending a trade show is a great chance to meet great people and boost your profile whatever your background.

We look forward to seeing you there!