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Why should you exhibit at an FSE Trade show?

As with attending as a delegate there are many similarities except that exhibiting increases your chances of building your network and your database.

Here are a few reasons why booking to exhibit at a FSE trade show will be the most productive thing you can do for your business.

  • The chance to showcase your business & your offering to the wider audience by making use of the stand at the event, the live plan on the site and the event app.
  • The chance to be amongst the community of the other exhibitors exhibiting at the show.
  • The ability to profile your company to all the delegates by using the live plan and event app to increase your exposure at the show.
  • Increased status giving a bona-fide reason to approach other exhibitors at the show rather than selling to them as a delegate.
  • An opportunity to select stand positions that suits your business at the event.
  • Large exhibiting spaces of 3m x 1.5m that can be used in any way you choose, providing its legal and ethical. The more creative you can be the better.
  • The ability to reach out to any delegate or other exhibitor via the live plan or app and have them come direct to your stand on event day. They can even bookmark your stand position on the app so they can locate you easily.
  • The ability to take advantage of extra exposure on the event site as a featured exhibitor or in the event app or live plan via sensibly priced sponsor packages.
  • Live plan features include not only stand position or company description but also, social media links, video links, staff details of the people with you at the show, product offerings and show specials and contact information so anyone else can reach you easily if they miss you at the show.

Being an exhibitor at an FSE show for the modest price for a stand brings increased gravitas and kudos and increases your chances of more exposure, awareness and leads.